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The best feedback system

...anonymous... confidential... no registration.

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How it works:

  1. Create a quick feedback poll
  2. Invite others to respond
  3. Send anonymous and confidential results to others as feedback

Give feedback to your management

Voice your feedback to your company leadership, project manager or HR. Set up a few questions, ask your co-workers to answer, and send it to your boss. The only way to communicate the truth is for the right people to do it anonymously. Your boss or HR will get the survey confidentially so that they are not embarrassed.
Ask others how they feel about how your boss evaluates project performance or how they feel about the new HR policy.

Ask for feedback yourself

Ask your coworkers things about yourself, like how they like your style of management or your performance. You can send the results to yourself and/or to your boss. These results can be fully trusted because people who were asked to participate will be listed, only they could have answered, but their responses will be anonymous.