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A little about the site

Thanks for being curious

About The Site

We created this site in order for people who want to let somebody know some hard truths about anything at all. Hard truth is… well… hard to say. So, since there is no other practical way for such truths to be told without identifying yourself in the process, we created this site. We believe in truth and want to promote it and empower you to speak it. We think that people in groups such as workplaces, classrooms, friend circles, etc. will find ways to communicate using the site. Tell your boss how you feel about the new policy she is implementing, tell your professor how the classroom could function better, ask your friends to tell you how great you are…. we don’t know… use the site how you’d like! Oh, yeah, it’s also free to use and free from ads. Enjoy!

About the security

We didn’t develop this site to gather information, so we’re will not use your information to send you emails or to share it with anybody else. We created this site so that we can use it ourselves and to see if there are other people out there that would like to do the same. We use the latest technologies in web development to protect our databases and web application from unauthorized access. Your information is encrypted when sent to our servers so that nobody could intercept it. Once on our servers it is protected by many layers of passwords and firewalls.

About Our Method

They way that we’ve chosen to implement honest and anonymous truth telling is by having other people answer simple surveys (polls) about a topic. The creator of the poll creates a few questions and selects who should respond and who should get the responses (by proving people’s email addresses). The person who creates the poll remains anonymous, but both people who are responding and who get the responses can see the email addresses of everybody else involved. This provides greater context to the poll and confines bias. The idea is not for you to just tell something to somebody else and them not know who you are. Rather, the idea is for you to provide a way for people to honestly inform some person or people of their honest opinions, whether they agree with you or not. In fact, you may not want to select yourself as one of the people responding or as one of the people receiving response results in order to help protect your identity and to minimize the influence your participation will have on the responses since everybody can see who is involved in the poll. The way that we can guarantee the anonymity of the people that respond to a poll is by not displaying their names or email address along with their responses. Additionally, there is a way that nobody can determine if a particular person even completed the survey. The only way we can do that is by not allowing everybody to complete the survey. So, if you want 20 people to participate, the maximum number of allowed participants will be 19, so that anybody who responded can technically claim that they were the 1 person that didn’t complete the survey. This allows for you as the creator of the poll as well as your respondents to be fully protected to speak openly about anything you wish. As the creator you don’t even have to provide any information about yourself, but if you do provide your email address you will just be notified if the survey was actually completed by minimum number of respondents and sent out to the people you wish the results sent out to. Your email will never be shared with anybody.

About Our Technology

We use open technologies to develop the site because they the people that create these things are excellent and because we are not making money here! The following is a list of some of these technologies: Additionally we use some commercial products which we will not disclose for security reasons and because we paid them already.